who we are

So what is The Health and Wellbeing Hub all about? And how were we formed?

As with so many good things, it sprang from a chance meeting between strangers. Simon & Colin met in May 2019 on a Mental Health First Aid England Instructor training course.

Thankfully, and wonderfully, we became firm friends with a passion for a shared goal – to create awareness of good mental health, and to provide support to those who need it.

The idea of the Health and Wellbeing Hub came about from conversations during lockdown. Then Matthew joined the team and two became three. We wanted to provide a platform to help connect people and to help grow their mental strength and resilience?

Well now this simple dream has become a reality! And we welcome you to our Tribe.

We’ll be seeing you on the many support sessions and workshops we run. But as an introduction, here’s the team:

the hub guides


Simon is passionate about ensuring that the stigma and discrimination associated with mental ill health is a thing of the past.
A natural trainer and facilitator with an easy-going manner, Simon has a great insight into the ways organisations and management treat mental ill health. He now helps individuals and companies to embrace good mental health working practices.
Based in Milton Keynes, Simon started Thrive – a mental health and wellbeing company – in January 2020. Two months later the pandemic hit. But undeterred, Simon focussed on online AND face-to-face training.
Married with 5 children, a dog and a cat, Simon knows what working from home pressure is all about…


Colin used to be rather old fashioned in his views towards mental health and wellbeing. Then he attended the MHFA Instructors course, which changed his mind for good.
Since his epiphany, Colin has become a passionate mental health advocate. In his role as both trainer and business owner of Altta Group, Colin’s mental health support skills are often used to help people with their anxieties and stress.
Colin’s experience and skills mean you are in good hands when he is facilitating sessions on the Hub.

Matthew Hoddinott - MD of OLYI LTD


As a Civil Engineer, Matthew spent his early career managing a team providing technical advice for pavements. But in 2007 he become involved with developing roof space into usable areas for the well-being of communities. This quickly became a passion for studying and promoting the design of natural, healthy spaces for work, rest and play. As a mental health first aider and with 5 years of sobriety, Matthew openly discusses his relationship with alcohol, and hopes that this may help others who have a similar relationship.