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lonely this christmas


In his role as both trainer and business owner of ALTTA Group, Colin has become a passionate mental health advocate. Colin’s mental health support skills are often used to help people with their anxieties and stress.

“It’ll be lonely this Christmas,
Without you to hold,
It’ll be lonely this Christmas,
Lonely and cold,
It’ll be cold, so cold,
Without you to hold,
This Christmas”

It’s a different blog from me this month, starting with an acknowledgement to Mud for using their lyrics.


I’ve decided to access my inner poet, and draw on our theme this month of loneliness.


Christmas is absolutely a time of joy and celebration, with the focus very much on family. But it’s also a time that we remember our loved ones even more than usual. And it’s a reminder that we all need someone to listen sometimes.


So I’ve written a poem with those thoughts in mind.

Christmas is coming,

the geese are getting fat.

The old, vulnerable and solo

are sitting lonely in their flat.


Everyone’s together,

families start to sing.

But one person sits alone,

and doesn’t join in.


For they have lost a loved one.

Their heart is truly broke.

While others grab a Christmas cracker,

and read out the joke.


Christmas is for fun,

for memories to be made.

But for others it stirs a memory,

of a bygone age.


Have some fun and sing the songs.

Compassion is what it’s about.

Don’t ignore, exclude or forget,

those that do not shout,


Have a break, take five to sit,

chat and really listen.

Let them know you are there,

and their Christmas will surely glisten.

I hope you enjoyed the poem. Perhaps you’d like to have a go yourself? Compose your own poem and send it to our Facebook page. And please, reach out to someone you love this year and make their Christmas sparkle.

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