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how meditation has changed my life

Laura Simpson

Laura is a well-being, meditation and positive life coach. She works with businesses and individuals, to help people become the most authentic and best version of themselves.

Hello everyone!


I’m really looking forward to delivering a session on November 26th for the Health and Wellbeing Hub. So I thought I’d use this blog post to introduce myself, and tell you a bit more about what I’ll be covering.


My name is Laura Simpson. I’m 36, based in York and I deliver something unique in the field of health. I am a motivational speaker, wellbeing, and meditation coach.


I worked in the tech field for 16 years, spending 10 of those years as a sales coach, manager, and leader.


But 7 years ago my life changed completely. Having been healthy majority of my life, I was suddenly struck down with Toxic Shock Syndrome. And as a result I developed horrific auto-immune conditions as part of this.


These conditions had me bedbound, hospitalised and in so much pain. I truly thought my life was over. I was told I could never heal.

So I decided I wanted to take control of my condition.

I was going to heal, and I was going to help other people across the world to heal.


And that is exactly what I have done. It’s taken 6 years, and I’ve experienced such an incredible 6-year natural healing journey.

How did I do this?

Well, diet, herbs, essential oils, supplements, holistic dentistry all played their parts. But the biggest thing of all that changed my health and whole entire life was the importance of the mind and body connection. This will be a core focus for our session.


As humans we go through so much in our life. We process thousands of thoughts and emotions day in day out, in both our personal and professional lives.


We have all built our own subconscious behaviours as part of these daily routines. But these behaviours can often put stumbling blocks in front us. We’re often prevented from achieving all the success we are truly capable of. We don’t even realise how detrimental to our health this can be.


I work with a huge range of organisations and individuals to recognise these behaviours and shift them, enabling people to live happily in all areas of life. I’ve been lucky enough to work with sports teams, tech firms, educational establishments, engineering firms, vets in the UK, Barbados, India, America, and Australia.


My sessions cover an array of different topics things like motivation, faith in the storm, building confidence, imposter syndrome, self-care, authenticity, manifesting goals, stress relief, letting go, relaxation and much more.


I cover way more than breath work in each meditation. We do body scans and breathing work to get us relaxed, and I use these meditation sessions to cover various different subjects.


Connecting to inner self, wisdom and strength and silencing an overactive mind – this is where the magic happens.


In what should be a great session for the Health & Wellbeing Hub, I’m going to cover the following:


  • an intro to me and my healing journey
  • how the mind was key
  • how meditation has changed my life
  • we will end with a powerful 30 minute meditation around thinking, feeling and listening.

I can’t wait to meet you all and share an insight into the above and my world of healing!

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