Someone playing a bass guitar

loneliness and music

This month, we at the Health and Wellbeing Hub, are writing about how loneliness affects us, exploring how we can help to combat it, and what coping mechanisms we use to help ourselves.
For this blog I want to talk about music.

A man alone in the snow

What is loneliness to me?

I’m lucky, I have friends – good friends, not just mates.

I have a great family and we all get on and stick together, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely.

person alone, standing on a snowy road

christmas – a time for listening

I went to turn the calendar over the other day. December had crept in.
But December never creeps in really, does it? It always comes in with a blaze of Christmas lights for excitement of the days and weeks ahead. Anticipation of the Christmas tree and whatever may lie underneath it.

Lonely man standing in the desert

lonely this christmas

I’ve decided to access my inner poet, and draw on our theme this month of loneliness.