person alone, standing on a snowy road

christmas – a time for listening

I went to turn the calendar over the other day. December had crept in.
But December never creeps in really, does it? It always comes in with a blaze of Christmas lights for excitement of the days and weeks ahead. Anticipation of the Christmas tree and whatever may lie underneath it.

Lonely man standing in the desert

lonely this christmas

I’ve decided to access my inner poet, and draw on our theme this month of loneliness.

Direction signs silhouetted in a sunset

a slight change in careers

I discovered that being able to naturally connect and empathise with individuals sparked a
deep and passionate interest in advocating good health and wellbeing.

Mountain climbers walking along a mountain ridge

how coping strategies benefit my mental health

While we love writing these blogs, you will often find that the content is raw, simply our thoughts and feelings pouring out of our head and onto the page.

Within that rawness, you will also find our vulnerability and hopefully our honesty.

This is one such blog post.

Bubbles under water

how I discovered I suffer from stress

“Pull your socks up, man up and grow a pair.”

That’s what I believed when somebody mentioned stress.

How can you be stressed when you work in an office? It’s not like you’re Police Officer, NHS worker, Fire Fighter or Military personnel.

Then, as they say, karma bit me squarely on the bum.

I got stressed.

a man sits on a stone next to a lake at sunset

how meditation has changed my life

Having been healthy majority of my life, I was suddenly struck down with Toxic Shock Syndrome. And as a result I developed horrific auto-immune conditions as part of this.
These conditions had me bedbound, hospitalised and in so much pain. I truly thought my life was over. I was told I could never heal.
So I decided I wanted to take control of my condition. I was going to heal, and I was going to help other people across the world to heal.

Birds flying in the sunset

hard habit to break

It’s addiction month here at the Health and Wellbeing Hub. When we say the word addiction, we mostly associate it with “bad” addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, gaming, Love Island, coffee.
But are all habits bad?

A man standing, arms wide, at the top of a mountain

I have a positive mind

I have a positive mind, a strong will, and determination – but I am proud to say I am a quitter.
Around 16 years ago I had my last cigarette and I have not looked back since.

Sunrise in the mountains reflected in a lake

taking time out to reflect

Well, another Friday, another blog. I thought I’d use this one to reflect a little on some Facebook posts I’ve made over the last few weeks.