Curved walls on a building

stress management

I’m really interested in healthy buildings and the way people interact with the built environment, and the positive effect that it can have on our health and lives.

Someone playing a bass guitar

loneliness and music

This month, we at the Health and Wellbeing Hub, are writing about how loneliness affects us, exploring how we can help to combat it, and what coping mechanisms we use to help ourselves.
For this blog I want to talk about music.

man walking along a road with mountains in the distance


Why are we all obsessed with weight?
If I was 107kgs and ripped with muscles I wouldn’t care. I realised my weight was not important. The way I felt was important though.

Footprints in the sand

This is me – Darren Kerr

If I describe myself, I would probably say – stands just under six feet tall, an athletic build and had a childhood fear of spelling tests. Some of that is a bend on the truth, but if you know me it says a lot about how seriously I take myself.

Climbing a mountain

Building a routine in 2022

This is an ACTUAL guide on how you can build routine into 2022, a guide that promises death towards clichéd, motivational quotes from a millennial’s post on Facebook.

New year's fireworks

A new year with no resolutions

Boom – and then it’s January.
So much hope and anticipation for the new year ahead.
As the last notes of Auld Lang Syne fade away amid the cheers, hugs, and kisses, we ponder what the next 12 months has in store.

A man alone in the snow

What is loneliness to me?

I’m lucky, I have friends – good friends, not just mates.

I have a great family and we all get on and stick together, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely.

Person surrounded by different electrical waves

Living like an alien

I have not always been proud of myself, and I have not always liked myself.

For years I let the negative taunts from school (from peers and teachers) stay in the forefront of my mind. I let those voices replay, over and over again.